Mist Collectors

During the course of manufacturing, certain processes (CNC, drilling, grinding, etc.) can displace mists into the air which contain small particulate that can be harmful or deadly if inhaled over extended periods of time.

SMOG-HOG's line of high-quality industrial Mist Collectors are designed to extract the harmful particulate from the air and recycle the clean air back into the facility.

How ESP Works

To do this, SMOG HOG Mist Collectors use a two-step process known as Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP), which involves electrically charging the particulate in a mist stream and then collecting it onto an equally charged cell.

The result is a highly efficient Mist Collector which requires no expensive filters or maintenance other than cleaning the re-usable collection cell.


Mist Collectors
Smog-Hog MSH System

Smog-Hog SHN System

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