Smog-Hog PSG

The Smog-Hog PSG Series is a large, centrally-mounted mist & smoke collector.

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PSG (825 to 22,000 CFM)
Ideal for capturing emissions from:
  • Kitchen Emissions
  • Manufacturing Processes

Parts & Manuals

All parts can be ordered by
calling (800) 229-7664

The SMOG-HOG PSG uses electrostatic percipitation (ESP) to charge contaminants and capture them on a cleanable, reuseable collection cell.

By filtering submicron particles through an electronic field, the SMOG-HOG PSG produces cleaner air while eliminating costly compliance issues. No filters to replace, just routinely clean the collection cells.

PSG Nomenclature Description

Additional Options
A -- Aqua-Surger Wash System
B -- Manual Wash System
I -- Inlet Transition
O -- Output Transition
F -- Pre-piped For Fire Protection
C -- Carbon Odor Control Filters
P -- Potassium Permanganate Odor Control Filters
S -- Skid Mounted
B -- Blower
E -- Enclosed Unit